The Game Informing magazine was able to hand over Elden Ring for a dozen hours a few weeks from the game’s release and had permission to offer us a new 4 minute excerpt.

This video leads us in the exploration of Castle Mourne, a medieval castle occupied by chimeric repugnants who, despite its considerable size, is not one of the six great dungeons of the adventure but many of these many mini-dungeons scattered a little throughout the Entre-Terre and often optional.

In addition to this video, the PlayStation Blog published a new interview with Creative Director Hidetaka Miyazaki. The discussion addresses the importance of the beta test, the challenges of creating an open world and unprecedented freedom that it offers players, the influence of Sekro or even other topics like it Takes Two, its last Coup de cœur dated. But it is also evoked as often the question of difficulty.

While the game is now complete, the president of fromSoftware hopes that more people will go to the end of Elden Ring compared to other games of the same kind. Not that the enemies intend to let itself, but the open world should bring more solutions to overcome a challenge, not to mention the multiplayer that will be easier to use than ever.

Elden Ring NEW Gameplay: FULL GAME Hands-On Preview!

“In Elden Ring, we do not knowingly diminish the difficulty of the game, but I think more people will succeed in finishing it this time. As I said before, the players have this freedom to progress in the universe Or to come back later on a challenge, and these are elements that, in my opinion, will help them cross the game at a quieter pace. The action is not really the heart of the game. For example, the player is more free to define its approach against the bosses in the open world and the way it uses stealth in various situations. We even reduce the number of obstacles to take it into multiplayer. I hope players will appreciate This idea of ​​receiving help from others. It is thanks to all these little things that I think more people will succeed to overcome the game this time_ “, explains Hidetaka Miyazaki.

And if the producer Yasuhiro Kitao believes that the players will be able to finish Elden Ring in about thirty hours if they play in a straight line, the greatest wish of Hidetaka Miyazaki is that the future earthing explorers take all their time. “I would like the new players do not put pressure and understand that they can approach the game at their own pace. I do not want to force them to choose a particular style or path, I would like them to can appreciate the freedom we give them. I realize that we offer games with a rather high level of difficulty, but they are designed to offer you a powerful feeling of accomplishment when you have identified these challenges. Yet the new Players should not worry about this difficulty, “he adds.

“_This times in Elden Ring, we have put several options available to players so that they can face the most trying situations and use their ingenuity to triumph enemies and bosses. They will be able to come back later if they. are in a stalemate, like that they will always be free in their progression and they will not have to strive again and again on the same problem. They will thus be able to think about how to approach it, always at their own pace. _ “