Like most action role play, Dying Light 2 presents a system of levels to which players should pay attention to survive in the chaotic setting of the game. This system is divided into three different levels, each with its own unique maximum level. Here is all you need to know about * which are the maximum level limits of combat and parkour, rank of player and health at Dying Light 2 *.

What are the maximum level limits of Combat & Parkour, Player Rank & Health in Dying Light 2

The level limit in Dying Light 2 is divided into three different sections: combat and parkour skills, player, rank and health. Each of these has its own different maximum level, which can see below:

  • Combat and Parkour – Maximum level 25
  • Health and endurance: maximum level 26
  • Player range: maximum unknown level (possibly 250)

As you can see, the only one who is currently unknown is Player Rank. This area simply continues to rise at the time of writing this, although it is important to keep in mind that the player’s classification limit in Dying Light was 250.

How to increase the levels

How to increase levels in Dying Light 2:

  • Increase combat and Parkour.

To increase this section, complete missions and activities or perform actions related to the skill tree to unlock skills. You will also earn XP in combat when killing infected enemies and parkour simply doing Parkour in the surroundings.

  • Increase in the rank of the player.

Each time you upload your combat and Parkour levels, your player range increases.

  • Maximum level increase.

When you unlock new enemy skills and defeats, you will earn XP that will eventually increase your maximum level.

That’s all you need to know about * What are the boundaries of combat and parkour, rank of player and maximum level in Dying Light 2 . * If you still You are looking for more information about the game, make sure you check the rest of parkour or go to our wiki, since you will surely have all the advice, tricks and frequently asked questions you may have. about the game.

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