Stefan Effenberg has killed Gladbach’s resigned sports director Max Eberl Respect. In his T-online-Kolumn, he praised Eberl’s decision to “draw this conclusion with such a conviction.”

Der Fall Max Eberl zeigt: So krank ist der Fussball
“Draws Eberl with his Borussia, which has been in the largest sporty crisis for years? In no case. And anyone who claims or otherwise finds a bad word is on the absolute crawl,” said the former Bayern and Gladbach -Profi.

At an emotional press conference Max Eberl had confirmed his resignation as a sports director of Borussia Mönchengladbach on Friday. The reason given the 48-year-old health problems.

“This is no longer about football. This is about life,” wrote Effenberg. He could understand that Eberl, “enough has the pressure, from the media and the side noise.”

“Eberl is a role model because he talks open about how the burden and football have made ill. This is a sign of strength and not of weakness,” wrote on Effenberg and moved to earlier times: “In the 70s and 80s have been bustled when someone talked about exhaustion, missing power and emptiness. “

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Also in the nineties was not an issue. Today, the clubs and psychologists, on the other hand, have become clearly sensitive in dealing. Effenberg: “Especially since you never know what could be threatened if you do not pay attention to his physical and mental health.”