The Los Angeles Lakers finally retracted the first victory in the fourth game without the injured LeBron James. In a high-level game, the Lakers against the Portland Trail Blazers with 99:94 sat down.

Los Angeles Lakers (25-27) – Portland Trail Blazers (21-31) 99:94 (Boxscore)

It was not nice, it will not be interested in Lala-Land. There was little play flow, many ball losses, a surprisingly weak throwing rate from the two sector, but what was the victory. Anthony Davis (30, 10/18 FG, 10/14 FT, 15 rebounds, 3 blocks) finally delivered as it was needed. The Big One achieved after the compensation of Norman Powell three minutes before the end of the next 6 meters of the game, with three fouls and turned four free throws.

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Portland Trail Blazers Full Highlights 4th QTR | 2021-22 NBA Season

Support got the “Brief” by Carmelo Anthony (24, 8/12 FG, 5/6 threesome), who was the only Laker the threesome. Two-digit scores otherwise Dwight Howard (10, 7 Boards) and Avery Bradley (11). Russell Westbrook (9, 3/12, 10 rebounds, 13 assists) missed a triple double because of the points, but more critical was his matador defense.

Portland was completely dependent on the threesome, from the two sector, the Blazers met icy 41 percent. Except for this were Topscorer Powell (30, 10/20 FG) and also Jusuf Nurkic (16, 13 rebounds). C.J. McCollum (15, 5/17) and Starting Simons (19, 7/18) were changeable, Robert Covington (0, 0/8 FG, 13 rebounds, 9 assists, 4 steals) put this “interesting” StatLine.

The Lakers quickly played a double-digit lead, Davis looked good again, but also Anthony helped the Lakers-open with four transformed throws in a piece. By contrast, guests met at all (0/8 3fg), but that changed in the second quarter. Led by Simons, the Blazers equipped eight of their 13 triples, even Nurkic sinked two attempts in a bit because Davis gave him the open throw.

Norman Powell leaves Los Angeles Lakers Zitts

In conjunction with a significant superiority of the boards (Nurkic!) The game was openly designed in the episode, Powell made with the siren for Portland had only a point behind the pause (54:53). The Blazers also took the momentum, while the Lakers continued to carry the ball too often and suddenly did not meet anything because they did not come in a basket of basket (only 3 FGA on the ring in the third quarter!).

So Portland took a small lead in the final section, although she himself did not meet 35 percent out of the field. He was used up quickly because the Blazers had a ball loss after the other. Powell’s threesome three minutes before the end brought the guests at least back to -2, slightly later succeeded by the same place of compensation. The dominant Davis minutes followed for the decision of the Lakers in this peculiar game, although Malik Monk, Anthony and Davis had missed free throws, formerly to provide clear conditions.

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And still an amazing statistic to conclude this peculiar game. From the first 12 ball losses of the Blazers, the Lakers could not generate a single point. It succeeded in the 13th attempt by a Davis free throw. We can not prove it, but that must be a negative record.