This time, the last game Dying Light of Techland puts more emphasis on storytelling, and part of the tradition that unites the narrative is a constant reference to the past of its main protagonist. Here is that is a pilgrim in Dying Light 2 if you are confused as to what the name implies.

What is a pilgrim in Dying Light 2? Explain

Aiden Caldwell is the main protagonist of Dying Light 2, and when he arrives at the town of Villador, he is a true stranger. Normally, this would make the locals deal with the presence of him with concern, but in reality he is venerated by most of them because he is a pilgrim. It is a title that you will notice that many locals respect a lot.

So, what does this mean exactly? Well, as explained during one of the episodes of the Dying 2 Know game, the pilgrims are explained as a group of marginalized survivors that basically work as messengers between settlements. With the falling communication systems due to the resulting general infection and chaos in the postapocalyptic society, the only method to send news and messages is to be delivered to a few brave willing to run risk and deliver them in hand.

As a pilgrim, Aiden travels around the world, risking his life to keep people connected. They operate outside the jurisdiction of cities and settlements, navigating the land of anyone in the middle… for a price.

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You can read more about Aiden’s background history at the Dying 2 Know episode below.

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