In this Tips Guide to Dying Light 2 you will learn:

Dying Light 2 5 MAJOR MISTAKES To Avoid! - (Things It Doesnt Tell You)

  • Where you can find many resources early in the game
  • How to fight for people and infected
  • Why endurance is so important
  • How to get to prey faster
  • Why your co-missions should do it immediately

In Dying Light 2: Stay Human is a huge Open World full of infected and human monster . So that your Zombie Apocalypse is as unscathed as possible and are prepared for the endgame, we give you six useful tips for the perfect entry.

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Dying Light 2 Tips: Grand the roofs after resources

The rooftops of Villedor are a huge playground where you can lie down on the production line ** Dear Stunts. Especially at the beginning you will find there a lot of materials, which you need later for crafting. So take the time and explore the roof groves after honey, plants and booters of the survivors. Until you are strong enough to avoid military convois and Dark Zones, the roofs contact point number one for money, weapons and material finds.

Have you filled your wallet, equips the dealers in the bazaar a visit. There you can buy resources at very good terms. In addition, it is clearly safer away from the streets. On the buildings are rarely infected during the day and they lay back relatively long distances in a short time.

Fight against infected: relies on endurance

In the course of the game you will always be involved in crisp near vapors . Especially in clashes with infected frolic, opponents quickly frolic around you around you. If the number of counterparties is increasing, it is all the more important that aidal fleet can react. Every dodge and beats cost valuable endurance points.

When the third zombie goes out the puffs, Aiden can barely defend himself. therefore improves the endurance . It takes a while until you meet for large and strong opponents that require more health.

Variates your attacks with human opponents

In contrast to zombies people act clever in a duel. Read you only on your opposite and beats stubbornly, you will swop quickly. Most bats are then blocked or parped, their loses perseverance and cashed unnecessary hits. So brings some variance in your attacks.

Deviates after two quick hits and surprises the puzzled counterparty with a power slot from behind. The opponent also reflects the first thief and parsed at the right moment to bring him to stumble. Will you be driven into the narrow, often helps a kick (L1 + X button on the PS5) to free you.

Pay attention to noise and exposes explosions

If you threaten the infected to overrun, save you Gas ​​containers and Molotovcocktails in Dying Light 2 fast life. Nevertheless, you should be careful with explosive objects. Detonations made infected attention to you from the surrounding blocks. With a gas explosion, maybe you do the first evil, but it may attract a much greater danger. If you are infected in the way or lagging valuable resources, it takes best to breastfeeding baits.

Dying Light 2 Tips: Values ​​the Dietrich

In Dying Light 2, you often stand by locked doors or containers that you can only open with a Dietrich. The design for the useful tool you get in the course of history early and can build it from there at any time. However, the locks cry is often fumbling and costs time ** – especially in the later game, when the locks become more difficult. So invest early in the game resources and improves the Dietrich. Your nerves will thank you later.

Crashes to the co-missions

Like every Open World game, Dying Light 2 bulging is filled with co-missions. The first optional orders will be obtained from the people in the bazaar, to which you receive access during the quest the only way out. Take time for the co-missions time and does it immediately. You often get valuable rewards and enhances aidens character level. In addition, some of them are bound to a temporal limit or are no longer available after completing the main story.

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