The capability trees of the original Dying Light were known to concretize the fight and parkour of the game, and with Dying Light 2 it was only improved by more diverse skills in both aspects of the game.

The complete skilled trees cover everything from the opportunity to slip projectiles to improve their climbing capabilities and much more. However, some of these capabilities are quite far below in capability trees so they need to make some purchases before they can unlock them.

While this article treats the two Dying Light 2 skilled skills : one for parkour skills and one for combat activities, there are some skills that you should try and acquire at an early stage. The best skills of Dying Light 2 can be found in our guide with the eight skills that you should try and buy as soon as possible.

Dying Light 2 skilled trees

As mentioned, Dying Light 2 has two skilled trees . The combat tree focuses on improving your skills in close and remote fights while improving dodging.

The parkour-tree is about making them easier through Villedor and maintain their motion chain.

Dying Light 2 Combat Skill Tree

There are 24 skills in the fighting tree in Dying Light 2 . They are as follows:

  • Site – Jump on staggered enemies and sequence with a kick
  • Luft – if you fall from above to enemies, nail them with a power kick
  • Vault-Power-kick – Add your Vault Kick Kick and let enemies fly (Air kick, 140 health required)
  • Headstamp – Headstamps on the floor Enemy (140 Health, Vault Power Kick Skill required)
  • Dropkick – Leave a strong kick from jumping (180 health required)
  • Perfect Dodge – Turn out exactly at the right time to bring your enemy to
  • grab – use the sweeping enemies to throw them to the side (140 health, skill “perfect dodging” required)
  • Gripper – Increase the momentum of opponents thrown with Grapple to throw them to the ground. (180 health, grapplacy required)
  • Machstantiff – Perform a power attack that causes more damage to enemy attacks and blocks (120 health required)
  • Windmill – Perform a powerful attack that meets all enemies around you (160 Health, Capture Power Attack Required)
  • Floor pounds – Perform a powerful attack while in the air (160 Health, Power Attack Craft Required)
  • Perfect Parade – Perform a perfect block to tumble your enemy longer and trigger a slow motion effect (120 health required)
  • Block projectiles – Block incoming projectiles such as knives and arrows (! 60 Health, Perfect Parade Required)
  • Distract projectiles – Lenke an incoming projectile and send it back to your attacker (240 health, blocking projectiles “required)
  • Lockage fee – Storms at block on an enemy in front of you and push it to the ground (160 health, skill “perfect parade” required)
  • sting – done quickly a unsuspecting enemy (160 health required)
  • Staff Followup – Automatically throw a knife to another enemy after stitching (200 health, stitch-skill required)
  • Ledge Removal – Complete enemies quickly by pulling them down from a rocky projection (240 health, stitch-followup craft required)
  • smash – shattered enemy hands while you drop you from above (200 health required)
  • Smash jump – Lead a jump directly after smash, which gives you the opportunity to continue with a further air raid (240 health, smash capability required)
  • Precise Goals – Increase your goal with all ranged weapons (160 health required)
  • Power shot – adds bonus damage to all shots with ranged weapons (200 Health, Craft “Precise Goals” Required)
  • Serial shot – Allows simultaneous firing of up to 3 projectiles (240 health, craft power shot required)
  • Parkour Shot – Gain the ability to use Spreadweaps in Parkouring (220 Health, Precise Satability)

Dying Light 2 Parkour Skill Tree

There are also 24 skills in the Dying Light 2 parkour skill tree . Here are all:

  • High jump – allows you to jump higher and achieve higher protrusions
  • Fixed handshake – Make the last climb on rock projections, even if your stamina is used up, and allows you to maintain your hold for jumps from height
  • Faster rise – Move faster on protrusions when moving up and on both sides (140 stamina, “Fixed handle” required)
  • Tassel jump – Jump, while you are climbing on rock projections to get faster higher (200 stamina, almost climb capability required)
  • Active landing – Reduce fall damage and maintain your momentum

Dying Light 2 - 12 Best Skills to Unlock
* Safe landing – Increases the height from which you can land without damage (140 stamina, active landing required)
* Landesprung – Immediately jump from an active landing (200 stamina, secure landing required)
* Slim runner – Increase your speed while navigating with tricky obstacles such as slopes, balanced boards, climbing tubes, wall openings, etc. (120 stamina required)
* Gliding – Sliding while running to get through low holes in walls and other passages (160 perseverance, Sleek Runner craft required)
* Slip – Jump directly from a slide without losing momentum (200 stamina, slide skill required)
* Stealth Movement – Increase your total speed and mobility when sneaking. Receive the ability to carry out a streak (160 perseverance, Sleek Runner craft required)
* Crowdrunner – Racing through a group of enemies without losing momentum and reducing the damage suffered (160 stamina, Sleek Runner required)
* long jump – Use any obstacle to jump from it and to jump further (120 stamina required)
* Double jump – reach even larger heights, while you jump from obstacles (160 stamina, long-jumping capability required)
* Rotate jump – Turn around 180 degrees during a trip (200 stamina, double jump capability required)
* arrow – temporarily increases your movement speed, causing you to cross wider gaps, reach higher protrusions or run on walls longer (140 stamina required)
* hyphen – sprint as long as your endurance is enough (180 stamina, dart-skill required)
* Upscrew – Get a short speed impact after you have performed certain parkour moves (240 stamina, dash capability required)
* Energy jump – Jump in Dart / Dash of enemies (180 stamina, DART-skill required)
* Basch – bash due to obstacles and enemies, without stopping (200 stamina, dart-skill required)
* TIC TAC – Running along vertical surfaces (160 stamina, high jump skill required)
* Wall – run up on vertical surfaces (200 stamina, tic tac skill required)
* Current jump – jump up while running a wall run (240 stamina, wall run-skill required)
* Wall Combo – Combine Tic Tacs or Wall Runs to Longer Combos (260 Endurance, Tic Tac Skill Required)

So you have it, all the dying light 2 skilled skills. If you need more help for the game, you will see our complete solution for Dying Light 2 or tips on the best weapons and best craft objects.