The same brilliant parkour game that has always made Techland’s open world games returns with all its strength for their last sequel, but there are also some new and great additions to the route that make it even more fun to control. Here is How to get the grip hook in Dying Light 2 If you are not sure how much time passes before you can swing from one roof to another.

How to get the grip hook in Dying Light 2

Although the grip hook has been presented in many game presentations prior to the launch of Dying Light 2, it is not really something that you can acquire until some moment of the game, towards the latest stages of its main history.

Once you have arrived in the central circuit region of the game, which is the largest of the two Sandbox maps, will start working with the agents of La Paz, who will finally communicate their plans to feed the radio tower at the top of the city Sandbox. Creation of talent: The VNC tower and its enforcement.

How To Get The Grappling Hook In Dying Light 2 Stay Human

It is during its ascent to the VNC Tower when he begins to communicate with Frank, an Exlíder of the Nightrunners. He (reluctantly) will direct you to an older NightRunner team to help you with your mission in the tower, which includes the grip hook.

How to use the grip hook in Dying Light 2

The grip hook is quite simple to use. Follow these steps:

  • Open your inventory menu and equip the item from your quick menu.

  • Now you will notice that when looking at different objects around the area, a small circle appears.

This is your grip goal. All you have to do now is Press L2 / LT to shoot the grip hook. Then it can be swinged forward and backward to achieve greater distances from which a jump allows.

  • Do not forget to press R1 to jump from the hook. Also keep in mind that you can chain jumps using the grip hook in the air.

That’s all you need to know about How? ‘O’ What? * Get and use the grip hook in Dying Light 2. * To get more tips, tricks and guides, go to our next wiki, look for Emagtrends or see more of our Coverage on the game below.

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