At a few places in Dying Light 2, you will not get your otherwise loyal Dietrichs. Because the inhabitants of Villedors have brought some their valuables in safes in front of the plunderers. However, they have less effort to hide the combinations. This is usually in the same room.

Clock tower over the bazaar

Whether you missed by exploration or in the course of the quest persons here lands, you will find a small camp here. A note with the combination finds you behind the black poster. You should solve a computing task: 5 x 100 + 15 – 5.

The result is thus 5-1-0.

NightRunner hiding place in Houndfield

The safe is on a workbench and contains the valuable inhibitors that can improve your character. At the opposite wall you can open a passage to the bed of the hiding place by shifting the cabinet. There is also the safe combination.

There is no puzzle but the combination is just on it: 1-0-1 .


This safe can only be opened if you have the right side quest the first biomarker . Then you will receive the combination in the form of a puzzle.

How To Unlock Safes In Dying Light 2 Guide
You opens the safe with 9-7-3.

Side quest: treasure hunt

To unlock the quest, you have to make some specific decisions. During the quest the Desertur you should not return the card at the end. Keeps you and you will receive some hints that will finally lead you in the Water Tower from Muddy Grounds . There in the flooded basement floor you will find the safe.

The combination is 3-21-67 .

Banditenlager in Downtown

In the eastern part of Downtown you will find one of the total of four banditists of the game. There behind a window you discover the safe and the code almost directly.

You opens the safe with 3-1-3 .

Side quest: self-collected

If you have left the two bandits Jack and Joe during the main story alive, then you can get a quest in the PK prison. The safe with the schnapps is then marked on your card. As a combination, it receives the note that it is the year of the discovery of America. Although this is not quite clear, but most historians have agreed on one year.

The code is: 14-9-2 .

Main Quest: Transfer

At some point, you should liberate a power plant in Garrison. The safe there has its combination directly in the same room. As a hint, you receive: The approximate size of PI .

Who watches in math lessons, the white: 3-1-4 .

not all, but the most important

These are far from all safes that meet you within the game. They are those who encounter with quests or contain important objects. In our experience, most other safes contain either very worthless prey, or are even completely empty. If we discover more safes, which are bound to quests or containing loots like inhibitors, we will, of course, afterwards.

Until then, our other guides pass by, in which you learn the right application of the step, in which we explain the advantages of the political groups, or we simply provide you with eight great entry-level tips.