In a world as big and mysterious as Dying Light 2, it should not be too surprised to know that there are many secret secrets around the world. And although some of these are easy to trip, others require a little more information. That’s why we are here to tell you everything you need to know where to find the secret bike to ride in Dying Light 2.

Where to find the secret bike that can be mounted on Dying Light 2

This furtive secret bike was found for the first time by Redditor Taki7o7, who showed the ability to ride a bicycle throughout the game through some publications on the site. After investigating a little, we were able to discover that it is actually a mod.

Unfortunately, this method only applies to PC players at this time, since only the bicycle can be accessed through a mod. Console players will only have to wait for another method or see if Tech land adds them to the game in the future.

Where to find the secret bike that can be mounted on Dying Light 2:

  • Go to the Dying Light Developer menu 2 Nexus mod.

  • Download the file and open the zip.

  • Go to the “Dying Light 2” folder.

  • Drag and drop all the contents into the main folder of Dying Light 2.

The bicycle seems to be a characteristic that the developers were going to add to the game, but apparently they were removed.

Dying Light 2 HOW TO GET SECRET BICYCLE - How To Find Secret Bicycle In Dying Light 2
* Open Dying Light and access the list of the developer menu and the bicycle will be on items.

That’s all you need to know about Where to find the secret bike to ride and in dying light 2 *. * If you are still looking for more information about the game, be sure to check the rest of secret bike or go to our wiki, since you will surely have all the tips, tricks and frequently asked questions you may have. About the game.

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