The delays and critics, which are good but not excellent, will not have been right of Dying Light 2. Seven years after the release of the first opus, Techland has been able to count on a large community of faithful who answered massively at launch From this continuation release Friday.

On PC, anyway, the numbers and rankings speak for themselves. The different editions of Dying Light 2 occupy 6 places in the top 10 of Steam’s best sellers for the week of January 31 to February 6. In these conditions, it is almost not surprised to see that the game directed Sunday a peak of 274,983 players connected simultaneously on the valve platform, which place it in unsuspected heights: the game did better than Halo Infinite (Yet Free-To-Play) and was not far from overpassing Skyrim. To find a solo game that gathered more people on Steam at launch, you have to turn to major titles like Fallout 4 (472,962 simultaneous players) or CyberPunk 2077 (1,054,388 simultaneous players). As for the first Dying Light, its record was 45,876 simultaneous players.

On the front of the consoles, Games Industry teaches us that Dying Light 2 has also made a considerable start in the United Kingdom shops. If he did not dislodge Pokémon legends: Arceus of his pedestal, the game of Techland has elapsed “Beautiful more copies than Guardians of the Galaxy and almost as much as Battlefield 2042″ , we read. 73% of box sales took place on PlayStation and 27% on Xbox.

While Dead Island 2 is always missing, everything seems to indicate that Techland has made a very big launch with its post-APO game in open world, which does not prevent the Polish studio from staying focused: a list of fixes in Preparation has been published on Twitter for PlayStation, Xbox and PC players.