If a few days ago we saw how to get the sword of Conan El Barbaro, today it’s a more futuristic weapon inside Dying Light 2. Because there is wink of Cyberpunk 2077, even if it is not with the typical firearm you can have in mind…

Baptized as Cyber ​​Hands 2177 , we are facing very special “knuckles” with coupled blades that are lethal for almost any enemy.

How to get the Cyberpunk mantis claws

Dying Light 2: DONT MISS THESE - INSANE Cyberpunk MANTIS BLADES Weapon / Kyle Crane Easter Egg Guide

Yes, the mantis claws that created the Polish studio CD Projekt Network for offshore villains in Night City at a short distance away can be yours at Dying Light 2 of the Polish Techland studio. Yes, as you see, the connection is that both are Polish…

The fact is that you will have to move a lot in the story before power Get the Cyber ​​Hands 2177 , when you have to wait until you get access to the other region of the map. We omitire spoilers , so calm. Just be clear that you will need at least ten hours to cross the puddle. And besides, you will not lack a gift in that new and dangerous area: a very practical paraglider **.

And as you will see when arriving in that region, there will be several skyscrapers, having in the area of ​​ Garrison the VNC tower . It is precisely this place that you should go and upload up to the roof through your elevator. And from there, look at the building with an antenna that is seen from one end of the VNC tower… Salta and use the paraglider .

Then, you must jump from that skyscraper to which it is on your left, where much more vegetation is seen on its roof. Skip and use the paraglider again. And go to the man who are in front of a bonfire, because he is who will give you the planes of the Cyber ​​Hands 2177 to manufacture later .

Eye, you’ll need the whopping 369 junk to create them. Although luckily it is the most common element of the game and you can also buy the merchants, being the cheapest resource, in addition. Needless to say that the weapon Mola.

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