Undoubtedly, Apex Legends Is one of the most popular free-to-play, however, those who want to unlock new heroes should prepare to disburse real money. However, EA and Respawn will give you the opportunity to get new characters completely free to celebrate the third anniversary of the game that will be held next month.

According to a new publication on the official site of EA , in February you can unlock the heroes Octane, Watson and Valkyrie . How? It is enough to initiate session at Apex Legends on the following dates to claim them:

– 8 to February 15: Get octane plus three thematic packets

– 15 to 22 February: Get Watson plus three thematic packages

– 22 to March 1: Get Valkyrie plus three thematic packets


If you already have unlocked these characters, then do not worry because you will still receive the thematic packages and one legendary.

In other news, the February 8 will also mark the date for the arrival of the most recent season of Apex Legends , which includes the new heroin Mad Maggie. You can throw him A look at your disclosure trailer at the following link. Unfortunately, we still do not know when it will debut the NEXT-GEN version of the game that was filtered last month.