You like Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Very well! And Star dew Valley do you think you too? Even better! Then we most likely have the right thing for you here: an Animal Crossing Island, which combines both in a very nice way. The attention to detail sprays here from each single grass bowl, fence post or margin. It really seems extremely impressive how exactly almost the entire game world of Star dew Valley was rebuilt here in Animal Crossing.


Animal Crossing fan builds Star dew Valley gradually and the result is a dream

That’s why it’s about: In Animal Crossing, we can leave our imagination free run and also thanks to UPDATE 2.0 and the large, with accompanying DLC ​​with incredibly many elements of an island, according to our own ideas.

Here you can see some innovations in the trailer, which brought the update.

The artistic freedom has always been useful animal crossing fans since has always been able to replicate other franchises. With very impressive results, as this island shows all about Star dew Valley. This means that here is actually almost the complete game world with all buildings. Of course, there is also Pelican Town, where the journey begins through the Animal Crossing Striatal. But best you can see yourself:

Tikok-Userer ACNE KAYLEE leads us first through Pelican city, shows us the beach and also some buildings from the inside. For example, Willy’s fish shop, a chicken coop or the extremely cool museum. Whoever has snooped into Started Valley only, will discover a lot of little things again – and certainly need to smile one or the other time properly.

Here you can see part 2, which even brings us into the desert:

There are so many cool ideas in it, that it falls hard to enumerate all here. It is really nice, for example, that even the hats invite in the south of the forest is part of the game, we also see Linus’ tent and travel with a green Mario tube into the desert, instead of cumbersome to enter the bus. Very pleasant!

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To Animal Crossing: New Horizons should not officially give a new content anymore. At Star dew Valley, that could look very similar (although there were recently clues that more content could come). Developer Concerned Ape Aka Eric Barony works with high pressure at Haunted Chocolate as well as apparently even with some other people in another, yet strictly secret project.

How do you find the Started Valley Island in Animal Crossing? Which detail do you like the most?