Platinum Games announced the opening of a brand-new studio in Tokyo, Japan, April 2020.

The revelation is the third of the Latin 4 The announcements that were planned, which also included The Wonderful 101: remastered and Project G.g. So far.

The opening of the Tokyo studio will represent a sudden change in the way Platinum Games has traditionally worked on video games.

The new team will develop and maintain service games, a genre that the Japanese label has never explored in the past.


We are looking for us to develop in new genres and play styles. One of these new challenges for us is the development of live operations on console, said Studio Chief and Executive Vice President At sushi IN ABA in a blog article.

These are not games on which we would work until they are over, and that’s all – rather, we will continue to work on to provide new content long after leaving. We want to explore this model of ongoing development in the space of the household console.

Although we do not have many details on what this first game of service would, we know that Platinum Games wants to take advantage of how this type of titles can be developed and extended over a longer period after leaving.

This decision has been made possible by the recent success of the studio, which includes Square Enix near automata (the publication reminds us that the game has sold more than 4 million copies to date), and the investments of the Chinese conglomerate Tencent.

Project G.G. is the first 100% intellectual property by Platinum Games and is led by the veteran of the Shinji Miami game industry.

A fourth ad is expected to come from Platinum Games very soon, and this should be a game that we have never heard before.