The new year is just three weeks old, the ball rolls again: Tomorrow Saturday (2 pm), the SC Prussia Münster meets the sports fans Lott and denies the first mandatory game of the year 2022. Already since the training start on the 3rd of January. The eagle carriers prepare for this moment and have a three-week preparation followed on the almost two-week winter break. Two test games and numerous training sessions were on the program in time to be on time for the re-start in the best condition. I do not feel the feeling we were for a long way or have lost a lot. Actually, everything was always as always on the first workout. The automatism grab the tension at the guys is there. Everything feels like last year and is optimistic, said coach Sasha Hillman on Friday at the press conference.

The orientation for the game in the stadium at the Latter Cross is clear: We absolutely want to take the three points! In the first leg, the eagles managed the impressive, the then 2: 0 home victory was not exactly the one-sided gameplay. On a probably not easy to play on the freeway junction, this will probably look different – this also shows a look into the past. The last away win of the Prussia in the league in Lott dates back to the 2008/09 season, when Marius Solo’s and Jens Missing met 2: 1 success. Since then, three draws followed and three defeats at the Lower Saxony, last year ended the duel 1: 1. It will, as always, no simple and a combat game, we have to accept that. We will give everything to drive a win there!

In front of the sports friends there is a groundbreaking second half. Only through two victories before the winter break against the VFB Homburg (2: 1) and the U23 by Fortuna Düsseldorf (3: 1) Lott succeeded again the leap over the line. But a pad is not available, they are, with a game less, pointed with the Bonner SC. To prepare for this mission, the Team of Trainer Andy Seaman has committed three new entries. Hakim Trade came from Osnabrück, Jaroslav Lindner returned from BSV Sweden, Maximilian France was borrowed from the SC VERY. Her only test match against the district division BY Collage won the team by Goals of Time Bauer, Eyre Aldine and Cedric Crews with 3: 0. It is not very meaningful for us. For us, we need to relate what we know about them from past games, says coach Sacha Hillman about the result.

The eagles are expected to be missing in Lott five players: Dennis Danube and Jules Schneider are still outside, both work on their comeback. For this, Mann Radio in training has been injured in a stripping, he will also be missing like Robin Bricks, which a gastrointestinal infection except battle. For Luke Emmerich, a dedication after his tenoning is probably too early. All other guys are fit and ready for use, says the coach, who did not want to elicit anything at individual positions. We did not get eleven games lost and a good series we want to continue tomorrow!

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