The Japanese Software has started delivering the free trial version of 喰 Adventure Messi on January 20th. The corresponding platform is PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch. The contents of the game introduction are recorded in the trial version. Save data to the product version is supported.

Sorry, adventure Messi is a survival simulation RPG, aiming to be raised to the ground while procuring food in the dungeon. The stage of this work is a dungeon sealed place, which is familiar with the place of the region gate and the degree of chest tests between the newcomer adventurers. The adventurer of the protagonist will step into the seal that the seal of the seal is for the newcomer adventurer. But they distressed in the dungeon. Water and food brought into the water are exhausted and fall into the limit state. Survival in the dungeon and an adventure aiming for raising to the ground will open.

The newcomer adventurers gather food in the dungeon to outer and dry. Kill the monster and get the meat, explore the map and collect plants. By combining a plurality of aggregated ingredients, we aim at the ground while replenishing calories and moisture. The ingredients you got are transformed into different adventure messages depending on the method of cooking even if it is the same ingredients. There are more than 50 cooking recipes, and from Meat Stew that monster meat has fallen from Meat Stew, various dishes are available up to creative skewers.

At the time of contact with the monster in the dungeon, a battle of the simulation RPG type is expanded. However, in this work, the survival element seems to be involved in battle. Adventurers get cuisine and get skills and temporary status enhancements. On the other hand, while the merits are obtained, efficient behavior is important because calories and moisture are consumed during battle. In addition, when you eat monsters and ally’s ne phones falling during the battle, HP etc. will recover and earn the special skills for that place. For example, if you hit a man drama with a characteristic of attacking twice, the adventurer who ate temporarily makes attacks twice. By 喰 屍 屍 屍 喰 喰 喰 喰 喰 屍 屍 屍 屍 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生 生.

In addition, in the system, when the leader of adventurers dies, the released recipe and equipment are inherited, but the level and ingredients are lost. Analyst mode is also prepared to make the four stage difficulty level and the representation of the geteguno cuisine.

Today, the trial version delivered on January 20 can play the game early in the game. It is said that the introducer class or appearance of the appearance can be selected in the character makeup and the search part in the dungeon, and the preparation of the adventure using the collected ingredients can be played. In addition, the trial version of save data corresponds to the product version.

Sorry, the adventure Messi is scheduled to be released on January 27 for PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch. The normal version is tax-included 7678 yen. In the NIPPON1.JP shop, a limited edition with a two-picture soundtrack CD and setup material collection is sold for tax-included 19178 yen. The trial version compatible with the handover of save data can be downloaded from each store.