The upcoming Zombie Hit Dying Light 2 should also get plenty of support and DLC content even after the release. Many fans are looking forward to this promise, but in some players it rather awakens gloomy fears.

Developer Tech land announced on Twitter that the world of Dying Light 2 should continue to grow after the release. Overall, the studio plans to provide LCS and Support with LCS and Support for at least five years. While this sounds pretty good for many players, some in the Reddit community still find one or other hair in the zombie soup.

Dying Light 2: 5 years of guaranteed DLC support

The post office, with the Tech land announced the ongoing support for Dying Light 2, was well-received by the Twitter community. The developer teased thus events, locations, stories and in game items , which should be added as LCS over time after the release to expand the game world.

There were many positive reactions on Reddit, but there were also some suspicious comments. After many negative experiences in the past, players are unlikely that the support would also be maintained over 5 years in the case of a financial flop. Others, in turn, criticize that the game would not appear completely to release. Positive votes praise that the predecessor of 2015 even seven years after the release still receives valuable support and content. (Source: Reddit)

  • I hate it when Games do that. It only means that I will not finish all of it. Even significant LCS I find most of the time much less exciting than the main story. I miss the times when games were released at once. Not about the span of x years. (…) (Reddit User Szarzujacy karczoch)

  • If you follow the trend from the big releases of these days, then it takes so long before the game is playable lol. I really loved the first game, I really hope that this will not be flop here. (Reddit User PMCC6100)

  • I suspect I’m on the other side of these announcements. They do not inspire me, but make care of me. Post-launch support is particularly dictated, which keeps the company Solvent. If the game is not good and runs, If you will withdraw your 5-year plan. To announce something before the launch is a marketing tactic, so more people buy the game for the assumed value. (Reddit User Mistergergg)

  • That’s probably the only studio that I actually believe. Her support for Dying Light was really impressive. (Reddit User Clever bird)


Zombie shooter relies on huge Open World

With the DLC announcement, Tech land continues the marketing strategy that focuses on the huge amount of challenges, experiences and secrets in the Open World of Dying Light 2.

After the developer announced last week that the entire content of Dying Light 2 would comprise a total of 500 hours of playing time, Fits the ambitioned DLC-Roadmap in the picture . Whether the zombie adventure is worth all these hours playing time, you can find out from the estimated release on the 4th February 2022.

In our video we show you how your Dying Light 2 undone can gamble:

According to the developer Tech land, Dying Light 2 should be supplied with LCS and technical support for at least a whopping 5 years. Many fans are looking forward to this news, but some players do not trust the roast yet.