Light weapon shooter, additionally called light gun video game or simply weapon game, is a shooter computer game style in which the key layout aspect is shooting and intending with a gun-shaped controller. Light weapon shooters rotate around the lead character capturing targets, either villains or inanimate items. Light gun shooters generally include action or horror themes and also some may use a funny, parody treatment of these conventions. These video games commonly include on-rails movement, which gives the player control just over intending; the lead character’s various other motions are determined by the game. Gaming including this gadget are occasionally described rail shooters, though this term is additionally put on video games of other genres in which on-rails activity is a feature. Some, specifically later, games offer the player greater control over motion and also in still others the lead character does stagnate in all.
Not all light gun shooters use optical light weapons, yet some may likewise utilize alternate aiming devices such as positional weapons or activity controllers. Mechanical games making use of light weapons had existed considering that the 1930s, though they ran differently from those utilized in video clip games. Throughout the 1970s mechanical video games were changed by electronic video games as well as in the 1980s preferred light gun shooters such as Duck Hunt emerged.

Tech land seems to have a fine for superlative : After the developers of Dying Light 2 with a season of 500 hours threw themselves (only in order to return after a hail of skepticism and criticism), they are now bursting with a new one Promise. Accordingly, one wanted to provide the successor to the Zombie Park tour adventure from Release whole for five years with new content.

Dying Light 2: A game of extreme?

Again the proud message followed on Twitter: Do you want to know what happens to the premiere? We guarantee that we are the world of Dying Light 2 Stay Human for at least five years after releasing with new stories, places, in-game events and All the other fun things you love will expand.

The question remains whether the five years post-launch support already in the 500 hours , which you should need for 100% completion of the game, are included, or come on top? So or so it seems as if Dying Light 2 (Buy Now €79.99) Setting as a permanent guest in your living room and have a lot of time after release.


Away from the horrendous playing time and other superlatives ensures Dying Light 2 but also because of another history for headlines : The Zombie Apocalypse appears in here in Germany not only understandably from 18 years, but incomprehensibly also Cut. A cheeky, finds our editor David. Why he is this opinion, you read in his column.

If you can elicit the stories around playing time, post-launch support and censorship only a tired smile and instead want to know what awaits you playfully, then you should take a look at our preview. So you are well-prepared when Dying Light 2 Am 4. February for all common consoles and the PC appears.