The New World is a term for the bulk of Planet’s Western Hemisphere, especially the Americas. The term gained importance in the very early 16th century, during Europe’s Age of Exploration, shortly after the Italian traveler Amerigo Vespucci ended that America represented a brand-new continent, and subsequently published his searching for in a pamphlet he entitled Funds Nous. This realization increased the geographical perspective of classic European geographers, that had thought the globe was composed of Africa, Europe, as well as Asia, collectively currently referred to as the Old Globe, or Afro-Eurasia. The Americas were likewise referred to as the 4th part of the globe.

On February 4, it is finally time. Dying Light 2: Stay Human for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo consoles appears. And that probably ends the long seizure of many players, which the Open World Role play has been extending every year long.

Well, at least so a bit. Because even if it finally starts in a few weeks, fans are at least faced in this country with a last hurdle: the choice of version. As developer Tech land announced in December, Dying Light 2 appears in two different designs: as an unknown international version, which you can easily get in Austria and Switzerland, and as a sliced, purely digital version for the German market.

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  1. 1Gaming Germany remains conservative
  2. Buy one of the children!
  3. 3ES is and remains my decision

Gaming Germany remains conservative

Despite all efforts, the makers apparently could not find a compromise with the US. The Open World-RPG has no from 18 share. So we will have to give up some content: Human enemies can not be disjointed or disappeared, for example. Neutral NPCs are completely invulnerable. And in Loop mode you can only run with players from the same region. The story alone and the basic gameplay remain untouched.

And the US refused 2020 just 0.3 percent of all sharing processes, so four to five games in converted. DEAD RISING 4 or MORTAL COMBAT 11 are freely available in this country! And that, though there is also properly splashing the blood — and worse. Thanks to the numerous fatalities you can watch how characters are ripped out of the spine when living body. Or it will be crushed in slow motion and with X-ray view the oaten of a fighter.

One thinks of the children!


Of course, you can argue that the violence was deliberately overpassed and yes to the generally a little trash B-Movie character of the beating series fits. But what about the last of us part 2? Ellie’s Rachefeldzug by Seattle is also a pretty bloody slaughter — and as realistic as hardly any other title. There are opponents gargling in their own blood after you have cut the throat through them. With great-caliber shotguns, whole bodies of bodies can be chopping. Yeah, even dogs can slap coldly. And then no one complains, or what?

It’s and remains my decision

Here a brief statement by the US would have been nice. However, the exact reasons for the refused release remain in the case of Dying Light 2 under closure. It is therefore possible to worry that the experts may have recognized a violation of paragraph 131 of the Criminal Code. The glorification or earliest of cruel violence against people or human beings is punishable. This remains in the light of lack of transparency but pure speculation.