Resist is an American activity movie collection that came from with Roderick Thor’s novel Absolutely nothing Lasts Forever. All five films rotate around the primary character of John McClure, a New York City/Los Angeles police investigator who consistently locates himself in the middle of a crisis where he is the only hope against catastrophe. The films have actually earned a consolidated $1.4 billion around the world.

In three weeks, you can prove your parkour skills in the midst of zombiehords, because Dying Light 2 Stay Human finally finds its way to PC and console. But how is the performance on load gene consoles compared to PS5 and Xbox Series X? In a new video, developer Tech land now presents the different console versions.


Last gene vs. Current gene

Already in advance we have reported that Tech land wants to show last-gene gameplay this month. Now in the sixth and last YouTube episode of Dying 2 Know Tech land also shares a short console comparison , which is to be feared in particular owners of last-gene consoles. Since cyberpunk 2077, most of the alarm bells when video materials are retained by older versions.

To judge the video, but the PS4 and Xbox-one versions can compete reasonably — at least as part of the possible. Both load gene scenes look good and could satisfy fans. They are far from a catastrophic cyberpunk condition.

The scenes from the PlayStation 5 as well as Xbox Series X look very better and in particular impressed the light atmosphere . In addition, the liquid 60 fps occur, which can not be adjusted to PS4 and Xbox One. There you have to be satisfied with the standard 30 fps (for load gene).

One of the console versions was completely omitted in the video, and Dying Light 2 for the switch. However, the Open World game also comes only as a cloud version on Nintendo’s console.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is expected to be published on 4 February 2022 on PC and consoles.

Together decisions make in co-op mode

In addition to the console comparison, there were also new details about Loop mode. So you will play the entire game together with friends . The host and all joined guests retain their players progress as well as any object collected when they leave the meeting.

Dying Light 2 is more than parkour and monk linking, because you will have difficult decisions in the course of history. In co-op mode, you should discuss together and make a choice , but the host should have the last word.

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