With more than a dozen main editions distributed throughout eight regions, Pokémon is one of the most extensive video game market franchises even if we only consider your main saga. An extensive world full of curiosities that invites discovery and to know those little details that ignore the less dedicated coaches to the study of this universe and its species. It will be precisely in one of those little things we are going to focus on this piece. Specifically, we will resolve an interesting issue between the inconsequential: What is the most difficult Pokémon to get in the deliveries of the main saga?

To answer the question, we have focused on how difficult it is to obtain them in the wild. Therefore, the legendary or singular of guaranteed obtaining will not appear. Nor will be the soulless Fees that you were waiting and that so many problems gave us in the original Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald version. The selection is made up of three creatures that are at the top of the highest when we refer to the difficulty of obtaining them wild.

Munch lax in the diamond and original pearl

Maybe it was one of the Pokémon that most expected to see on this particular list. Get Munch lax In the original editions of fourth generation was practically impossible. It could only be achieved in the honey trees. There was a total of this type of plantations in the Singh region, leaving this creature alone in four of them who could not be known in advance and with a ratio of 1% onset. Making rapid mathematics, the probability that a single tree was succeeding was approximately eight between one thousand .

As if that were not enough, the Pokémon that appears after six hours of wait once the honey is placed, it is determined at the time of putting it. This means that we can not reset the console tirelessly to achieve the random encounter we want . We must put honey and pray that it is our long-awaited the one that appears. Except for Shiny searches, it is probably the most difficult creature to capture in the game in which it takes appearance.

Volcano and Salience in seventh generation

Many players will not even be aware that Volcano (Ultra versions) and Salience (Sun and Luna) appear in the wild in the adventures of seventh generation. However, these two Pokémon can be obtained thanks to the mechanics of game aid by which the creatures found in nature call colleagues of their own species to help them. In this way, it is possible that when we find wagon or largest we are surprised by calling their older brothers and making them captured.

The problem comes when we serve the odds. Wagon and largest barely appear on a pair of routes with a 1% probabilities. It is exactly that 1% the possibility that the companion called Sea Salience or Volcano. Taking into account that the Pokémon do not ask for reinforcements in all turns, the process is bored and could take us an eternity since the chances of doing it to the first are one between ten thousand . As they say in the Metapod channel for President where they have compiled these cases for all the editions of the main games, it is better that we do it with the console connected to the charger because the battery could not last so long.