Live is a live album that functioned as a final colophon to the Sunny Day Real Estate trajectory with Sub pop records. This latest job is an online performance tape-recorded on May 26, 1999, in Eugene, Oregon. Below Pop took it for sale on October 19, 1999, together with a concert VHS. The CD was created by Steve Smith.

Nowadays, real estate prices are not only domestic as well as domestic concerns. However, in the case of the Corona 19 pan Demi, the real estate speculating hot air is blowing until it was not well known for it.

The US Economic Professional Media CNBC reported that real estate values ​​are also being reinstated on the meta bus, which is a virtual space on the 12th (local time). In particular, this medium said that the virtual real estate price was 500% later, since Facebook, which changed the name of the matador.

Virtual Assets Management Professional Company Grayscale is expected to exceed $1 of the met averse market.

■ Popular celebrities such as Paris Hilton also have a lot of entertainers


The met averse is a synthesis of universe (UNIVERSE) that implies meta (META), the world, and universe, which means transcendence. The real space and the virtual space meant organically combined.

People communicate real-time with others in the meta bus through a virtual character, a virtual character. In particular, companies, including meta, have a goal of building a 360-degree virtual space that can implement immersive sense that can be felt in real space.

One of the important roles in this vision is ‘virtual real estate’. It is a situation where the value of the building and the land in the metabus is increased.

Justin Beaver, celebrities, including Paris Hilton, also have a foot on the meta bus. Paris Hilton was also looking at the new year party society on the virtual island that he owns the former.

Another met averse platform, more sandbox cases are also interesting. American famous wrapper, Snooped, built a virtual mansion in the sandbox. Then someone spent the snooping neighboring mansion to $450,000 (about 535 million won).

There is only one desire to live next to the popularity of the popularity.

As reflecting this situation, the virtual real estate prices are in the meta bus, including Dental Land. In recent months, it towered 400 ~ 500%.

■ We have to invest especially in investment in residents based on block body

It is not a concern about this craze. The recent optical wind is that it is a strong speculative personality.

Biome Real Estate Professional Company Inn Chen Chang, a joint establishment, said that it was especially cautious for virtual real estate investment.

In the interview with CNBC, he claimed that I am happy to be a neighbor of a celebrity entertainer, but I have to say that I have to lose, he said. In particular, he emphasized that the metabus based on the blockchain is strong because it has a strong permeability.