Nobody wants to experience a new cyberpunk debacle. Therefore, fans should certainly be pleased that Tech land wants to present last 2 last gene gameplay before the publication of Dying Light 2.

Tech land promises load-gene gameplay

The deep crash of Cyberpunk 2077 echoes today. In advance, CD project praised the load gene versions of the game. But on the day of the publication, the old versions put a chaotic start with numerous bugs, so Sony pulled the plug and removed the game for a few months from his store. This made the bubble of the mistrust, the gamers to games companies, only get bigger.

Tech land wants to make this bubble burst, which is why the community manager of the Game Schmieder @ Uncy8 is now reported on Twitter. In his tweet he explains: We plan to show Old-Gen gameplay, we know how important it is for our players.

Novinkový souhrn: Dying Light 2 se ukázal brzy, víc exkluzivit na Xbox, jízda poslepu a ATS v Texasu

An exact date he can not call, but it should happen this month. After all, the Zombie Parkour continuation should already be on 4 February on PC and console in the next round.

Dying Light 2 and the censorship problem

Although Tech land can avert a crisis, but another persists. Because Dying Light 2 should only be available digital and in a sliced ​​version in this country.

This version will displace many players, because it comes with some changes. Thus, to behead and partitioning of human enemies is deactivated and neutral NPCs can not be killed. There will also be consequences for co-op mode.

However, Tech land promises that story, game progress and fundamental gameplay should not be influenced by. It is still a bitter pill that you want to swallow, unless you worried the version from Austria or Switzerland.

The first Dying Light did it even more violent: that ended up on the index and was not allowed to be advertised in Germany, which was even more international for problems.