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Can it be a bit story for zombie?

For our title story in issue 02/22 we dared into the world of Dying Light 2: Stay Human — and have come out with unexpected findings out of the matter: Developer Tech land seems to actually create an exciting game with Supply of the store. And despite various horror reports for development problems and constant shifts.

Surprisingly, it is not the struggles and monograms that fascinate in Dying Light 2, but the characters, the story and the decisions that must be made in the course of the game. One could say the undead are only the hanger here to get the story into wheels. A fascinating concept, as I find. Hopefully the finished version then returns what the preview promises.

The Master Chief returns

Finally! After a short-term shift is Halo Infinite now appeared, and not only editorial Master-Chief Toby is already diligently on the baller. In his XXL test, Toby not only checks whether the chief can still serve his rifle after the long absence, but also whether the open-held level hubs can last long.

However, the new game not only introduces an almost open-world, but also appears for several systems at the same time. Reason enough to make a total of 16-sided route from our test, in which we not only check the suitability of the Master Chief, but also look at how well Halo Infinite performs on the last console generation.

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Overcame vs

Another retrokonate sends himself to conquer the lover market. However, what the system is different from SNES Mini and Co. is the ability to buy games on modules. We looked at the OVERCAME VS, which emerged from a handheld, more accurately.

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The MOST important skill for 2022 Game Dev

ALEX 2, Battlefield 2042, Jurassic World Evolution 2 and more

As usual, that was not all that awaits you in the new Game pro. For example, we spent 30 hours in the world of the German action role-playing game ALEX 2 and report to 10 pages of our experiences.

Also, Battlefield 2042 may finally pick up a game fun classification after extensive multiplayer test.

And then we would have Dino on offer. They finally go. Jurassic World Evolution 2 must undergo a park check.

Also in the new booklet

Preview: Grid Legends
Test: Chorus
Test: Agricultural Simulator 22
Technique: Victoria Gambit Wireless Headset
Report: What remained from the scandal
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