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What a duel between LeBron James and yes Moran! The Lakers have, thanks to a set career-highs by James for a long time the events under control, but Memphis turns the game in the fourth quarter. Mainly thanks Moran, who also sets up a Karrierebestwert.

Memphis Grizzlies (22-14) — Los Angeles Lakers (17-19) 104: 99 (Box score)

The Youngster was just like LeBron Hot Stuff from a distance. Both labeled personal best values ​​from a distance, the Lakers-Star recessed 8 Rear (in 14 attempts) on the way to 37 points, 13 rebounds and 7 assists. More triples in a game get LeBron, who will be 37 years old on Thursday, never — twice he sank another 8 threesome.

However, the support of teammates was limited. Russell Westbrook (16, 12 assists and 10 rebounds), and Malik Monk (15) were the only other guests in double digits. Carmelo Anthony (5, 8.1 threesome) or Taken Horton-Tucker (4, 2/7 FG) was, for example, far too little.

Especially to stop Moran. The 22-year-old sank 6.7 Distance litters (new career high) and topped LeBron at the points haul. Its 41 meters (13/27 FG, plus 10 rebounds) represented a season peak He had large proportions of one. 17: 7 run ended with Memphis the game and thus the comeback completed in arrears after a long time.

If you’re going from the outside as he is now, with his speed and athleticism, it is hard to stop you because you serve all three scoring level, James Moran praised. There is simply nothing you can do.

For the Youngster it rained MVP calls from the home crowd, long time he was placed largely on their own. Ultimately ended Desmond Bane the game even with 20 points (6/18 FG), Learn Jackson Jr. came up with 15 points.

LeBron starts Hot Stuff — Lakers early lead

Given the matchups with Jackson Jr. and Steven Adams under the basket, the Lakers this time gave up a lineup with LeBron as a center for Dwight Howard moved to Stanley Johnson in the starting five. But the new, old position did not stop James from the beginning that extremely unwell.

Several LeBron triplets plus a fade away bank shot helped the Lakers to a successful start. The third triple of the Kings turned up early 21:11. Although L.A. had with LeBron on the bench a little more trouble, but it went with 30:23 for the guests from Hollywood in the second section.

Middle of the passage again led James to a strong phase of the Lakers. Layup, block against a Moran jumper, the assist for Westbrook and Purple and Gold broke away up to 13 points — the highest leadership of the evening. But then came Moran, with a personal 7: 0 run he kept Memphis within striking distance and too large a gap to the half-time break (48:54) prevented.

The hosts were extremely dependent on the young franchise star. Quarter Cross he was responsible for 16 Grizzlies points in a row. For that LeBron went on exactly where he left off before the break. A rudimentary loose pull-triple put the double-digit lead restores — and deliver again had to Moran. The last three of his 14 points in the third quarter just before the buzzer were the icing on a 12: 3 run from Memphis, who reduced the lead to 78:83.

Moran fired Grizzlies comeback — Lakers lack the answer

After one and a half minutes in the final section Memphis succeeded then the compensation middle of the passage for a floater of Thus Jones even the first guide since the opening minutes. In the Lakers’ offense nothing now ran together more, even LeBron’s far more certain jumpers did not fall more. L.A. remained nearly four minutes without a point, which punished the Grizzlies. The husky Moran increased to 99:92.

Three minutes before the end it made a long three by James again exciting to put right after Westbrook but an open layup in transition only to the ring. On the opposite side Moran was a bit limited for a hard fall, held its colors but in front. Shortly before the end L.A. got the ball at -3, but the chaotic Possession ended in a turnover. Memphis made from the line all right.

James was annoyed after about the turnovers: We understand that many attacks us, but the careless turnover, for which there is no pressure and no reason to bring us into trouble. 18 turnovers, the Lakers completed a total, 5 each came from James and Westbrook.

LeBron James Doing Everything He Can To Carry Lakers As Lakers Can't Hit A Single Shot!
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In the Grizzlies, however, enthusiasm prevailed. Head Coach Taylor Jenkins swarmed from Moran: What an incredible game of yes. When he has started, it simply got all the others, we said it from the beginning, he is made for such moments.