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Former Director of Gearbox Software Technology, Steve Jones, has just been promoted to be promoted. Co-founder and president of The Gearbox Entertainment Company, which is the largest mother company of three GEARBOX studios, Randy Pitchfork made the official announcement.

Improvement at Steve Jones, which I recently promoted to the president of the software at The Gearbox Entertainment Company, Pitchfork announced on social networks. I can think of anyone better to lead Gearbox Software.

Jones has been working with the Gearbox team since 1999 and has even contributed to the development of Brothers in Arms, Half-Life: Opposing Strength and Halo PC Port, as well as technical director for Borderlands and Borderlands 2.

The integrity and understanding of Steve of the game development process are unparalleled, added Pitchfork. It embodies the mission of the Gearbox Entertainment Company.

Pitchfork will remain the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Studio’s parent company and will continue to bring his institutional knowledge of the Gearbox brands and franchise, and maintain a practical commitment with a myriad of teams and projects in progress. He will always have a high-level creative control on Gearbox Software, as well as the overall business strategy of the entire company.

Now that Jones is Gearbox Software’s new president, it would be in charge of several AAA games, such as Homework 3 and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. I am delighted to take the reins of Gearbox Software, said Jones. RAVI to be entrusted with this responsibility and delighted to continue working on our well-enjoyed intellectual property and develop a new exciting intellectual property for our community.

Jones has been working at Gearbox for more than 22 years and has been a plainer to work with. The gearbox for more than two decades, pursued Jones. We do just continue to grow and bring even more joy and entertainment to the world.

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