The Dying Light Snow Ops Pack is online just in time for Christmas. The DLC pack introduces a new weapon and a new outfit for its players. Players can use these two new additions for an advantage in the world of Harlan. Equipped with these new objects, players will have an advantage over infected.

New Dying Light Snow Ops Bundle And Winter Event Week 2
The Dying Light Snow Ops Pack introduced Winter Warrior. By carrying this costume, players will benefit from a 20% increase in the level of their agility, legend, survivor and power skills. This greatly facilitates the achievement of start and end of the game benefits.

The pack also includes snowstorm grenade launchers. He draws specialized grenades on enemies to freeze them on site. This gives players the opportunity to manage hordes and tackle each region strategically.

The launch of the Dying Light Snow Ops package perfectly coincides with current winter events. It costs $1.99 and is available for PlayStation, Xbox and PC users. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be available for Nintendo Switch users. Most new LCS for Dying Light: Platinum Edition were available on Switch.

Tech land has just published a trailer for the Dying Light Snow Ops Bundle. The overview showed what the new outfit will look like in the game. This also gave the fans of the game an overview of the operation of the theme grenade launcher in action.

The developers have also released a new episode of Dying Light 2 Know more. The user interface producer, Agatha Skull, shared information about the gameplay, the user interface, the HUD and the accessibility features of the continuation. According to Skull, the user interface will have a complete customization, including the ability to freely switch the HUD elements of the game.

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